Automatic Labelling Machine Dix Engineering

High Speed Automatic Labelling Machine

This machine is a highly efficient low-maintenance labeller, suitable for a wide range of labelling applications.

Machines can be customised to meet your specific labelling needs.

Features and Benefits

Typical Applications


Capability: 60 - 600 labels per minute
5 - 18 metres per minute synchronous
Labels: 17 - 25mm wide tape and 10 - 25mm pitch
Option: up to 85mm wide tape and 150mm pitch
Label Rolls: 300mm OD x 50.8mm (2*) ID Core
Printing: Stamping or coding attachment available
Power Supply: 240 volt, 50Hz, 1 amp
Weight: 12 kilograms
Accurate: Strike rates of 98% + possible

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