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DIX Engineering was successful winning a supply contract to filter raw water for a mine site in the Bowen Basin QLD. The AZUD Luxon filters were selected for the project which required treating raw water fed from two nearby dams to remove suspended solids to 20 microns, as pre-filtration for a reverse osmosis plant.

DIX was required to manufacture the system fully assembled and tested on two galvanised steel skids. Pipe-work was manufactured to AS4041 (using 304 stainless steel), and fully hydro-statically tested at 2.1MPa. The filter system also required changes by AUD and DIX to meet client requirements for mine site electrical safety and wiring colours, which also included stainless steel control system cabinets.

Assembled filter skid being tested in factory


The project required high availability (24 hour per day operation for nominally 355 days a year); a nominal flow rate of 60 l/s, and also the system pressure was higher than usual at 13-16bar. The nominal design life is 20 years. The customer therefore elected to include some redundancy in the system with two full duty primary filters (200 micron) and four secondary final filters (20 micron). This enables individual filter maintenance to be performed without process interruption.

 The AZUD Luxon filters selected feature a high quality SS316 multi layer screen; with epoxy powder coated steel bodies. Precise control of the suction scanner mechanism is ensured by the computer controlled electric drive. Differential pressure is calculated using high quality German WIKA transducers, with the system cleaning based on dP or time. An additional change requested was to utilise pneumatically driven ball valves on the back-flush chamber to improve reliability.



AZUD Luxon cutaway