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Dix Engineering was  recently asked to repair the arms that form the barriers between the horses
on a walking machine at Broadmeadow Racecourse. The tubing was rusting from the inside out,
weakening the structure. When the horses reared up against the arm, they bent and became un-serviceable.


Damaged arm


Over the years the client has also added weight by using recycled conveyor belt,
plus weakened the arm by drilling and using a combination of pop rivets and
Tek screws to secure the rubber.
The new DIX design uses a stronger triangulated frame of galvanized RHS,
and is bolted in the middle to ease handling and reduce transport costs.
The belt mounting system was also redesigned using flat bar welded to the
bottom rail which resulted in a simpler and stronger solution, reducing the time
to secure the belting significantly.
New armMounting
Photos of new arm showing triangulated design and simplified mounting system