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Filtration Systems

Dix Renmark

DIX ENGINEERING has been in business since 1923 and continues to manufacture filters which are distributed across all regions of Australia and also exported. The company manufactures to the highest standards and is quality certified under ISO 9001.

Various punched screen sizes are offered including 0.51mm; 0.75mm; 1.00mm; 1.60mm and 3.25mm. This range of stainless steel filters manufactured at the company premises in Renmark have proved to be extremely popular with irrigators and irrigation system installers and designers. Sintered mesh screens are available 50 mesh, 80 mesh, 120 mesh and 150 mesh (number of holes per square inch) to cater for all requirements.

Designed for economy and hydraulic efficiency the stainless steel filters are now in use in every state of Australia.

Apart from agricultural use these filters are being successfully used in irrigating golf courses, metal processing plants, mining (cleaning of process and waste water) and for filtering of waste water in fruit packing plants, juicing and bottling lines.

The eight standard filters (in line or right angle) in the range cater for flows from 375 litres per minute to as high as 10,000 litres per minute. Every filter is hydrostatically tested to twice its normal operating pressures before leaving the factory.

Filters working pressure is 1000kPa. All filters can be fitted with manually operated brushes or automatic flushing and brushing.

Where a power source is available automatic flushing and brushing can be achieved by either 415v or 240v or 12V DC Battery Solar combination when no power is available.

Dix Engineering also has a range of media filters forcing water under pressure through a bed of sand or gravel these stainless steel tanks are available in sizes ranging from 230mm to 1200mm diameters or can be made to customer specifications.

Azud filtration systems are also distributed and extend the range of our screen and media filtration systems – manual helix disc, disc, screen and automatic disc filters and systems are available.

Probably the most extensive range of cast iron irrigation fittings available in Australia at competitive prices is also manufactured by G.J. Dix & Sons Pty Ltd.

Fittings for Fibrolite, Concrete, PVC and PE pipes are readily available from stock or irrigation dealers throughout the country.

Special fittings can also be designed and manufactured to order, either fabricated or cast in the Renmark foundry in cast iron, brass, bronze or aluminium.

Dix Engineering also provides steel fabrication and installation services and has recently purchased a state of the art fully computerised plasma cutter capable of cutting mild steel and stainless steel with high definition, precision and accuracy.

For further information contact G.J. Dix & Sons Pty Ltd 279 Renmark Avenue Renmark – 08 85861500 or email